Luxe Cuddle Cut dr391824 Sorbet Mermaid

By Shannon

Cuddle Luxe by Shannon. 58 inch/60 inch wide polyester. This Cuddle is so soft. Use it in a quilt top or a backing. Sorbet Mermaid (Purple & Blue)

Despite how delicious this fabric may look, unfortunately this sorbet-inspired Luxe Cuddle® fabric isn't edible. Instead, scoop yourself a bowl of your favorite icy treat to enjoy while bundled up with this luxurious fabric! Luxe Cuddle® Sorbet pairs an almost tie dye color pattern with a unique embossed texture designed to mimic sorbet, and would look especially delicious as a minky infinity scarf or eye-catching throw blanket. Go ahead, try a yard (or scoop) or two for yourself, and see just how sweet it is!