Shipping Info

We will try our best to mail out shipments within 24 hours if at all possible.

Estimated Shipping and Handling--United States Domestic Mail Rates

For small orders we will ship in a smaller envelope if possible with less postage to save you money.

Orders up to $10.00.............$5.75
From $10.01 to $40.00...........$12.65
From $40.01 to $90.00...........$15.35
From $90.01 to $150.00.........$17.00
From $150.01 to $300.00........$20.00
Over $300.00................$25.00

Remember--these are just estimates. The actual postage amount may be greater and we will contact you if this is the case. There may be additional postage if this is a shipment to either Hawaii or Alaska.


We ship Global Priority Mail to all countries that are on the Global Priority system. You can expect to pay approximately $10.00 per $25.00 of fabric. We only charge actual shipping costs. Canada or Mexico are generally less expensive than other foreign shipments. Shipments that will not fit into the USPS large priority envelope will be billed as quoted by the US Postal Service.

*Please email us if you wish us to provide you with an estimated shipping quote.


Shipping prices to non-Global Priority Mail countries varies widely. Please specify when you place your order whether you are requesting air or ground shipping. Shipping charges will be billed as quoted by the US Postal Service.


There are some countries that have known theft problems within their postal system, so we will send to Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Italy airmail insured. You must pay full postage and insurance. We will contact you prior to shipping since the postage is quite expensive to these countries. If your order is stolen enroute, we will NOT be responsible for it and will not make good on it.

Since there is no system in place to track international orders, Riverís Edge Antiques & Quilt Loft cannot guarantee delivery.


We will not ship to Nigeria.


∑ NO returns/credits after 25 days.
∑ NO returns without authorization, call 715-634-0706 for an authorization number.
∑ NO returns on books, patterns, or magazines as these are copyrighted materials.
∑ NO returns on cut yardage.
∑ In case of a packing error, please call 715-634-0706 for a return authorization number. We will credit your account in full including the amount of return postage, and send the replacement.
∑ All other authorized returns will get credit for the returned item only, providing it is in saleable condition. Customer pays for return shipping.

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